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Our Approach

Active Investment Management 

Falcon invests in a wide range of different portfolio managers through different fund structures. Each of our funds brings together investment managers that are each specialists in their own fields in a competitively priced single investment.

We carefully select the in-house managers’ application through an in-depth consideration of multiple criteria and according to our rating system which is based on our core requirements. Ratings take into account several parameters including previous performance, strength of the investment process, liquidity, leverage and volatility to name a few.

Investor-centric solutions

Diversification is at the heart of how we build our funds and we achieve this by spreading the portfolio across different types of investment. This belief serves as the cornerstone for our multi-strategy platform whose flexibility allows us to tailor and construct portfolios that will reflect your unique needs and objectives . Falcon will be able to tailor investment strategy to the client in a fund structure or through a separate managed account.