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Falcon Investment Management the first hedge fund platform to offer First Loss capital to startup fund managers

admin - February 11, 2021 - 0 comments

The program provides access to seed and acceleration capital through first loss arrangement.

Falcon Investment Management a leading multi-manager hedge fund platform today announced the launch of its first loss program to support early-stage hedge fund managers with seed and acceleration capital.

The program is designed to align interest between investors and managers. Through first loss structure, managers receive higher incentive fees in exchange for sharing potential losses with investors resulting a better alignment of interests. Participating fund managers in the program benefit in three ways.

  •     Supported by institutional grade operational and risk management framework
  •     Access to seed and acceleration capital
  •     Receive significantly higher than industry average performance fee

“As the first hedge fund platform in Europe to offer first loss program, Falcon is uniquely positioned to address the challenges facing early-stage managers to grow AUM and scale.” Said Benny Menashe, CEO of Falcon and co-head of the program.

The program is exclusive to selected startup managers who demonstrate a strong potential to deliver high quality alpha and their strategies meet the following criteria.

  •     Attractive Sharpe ratio
  •     Low drawdowns
  •     Systematic or discretionary approach

Managers on the platform are carefully selected through a qualitative and quantitative due-diligence process – Involving the expertise and the track record of managers, assessment of their investment strategy and their approach to risk management.

Falcon’s eco-system gives institutional investors access to entrepreneurial managers with niche and more innovative strategies. Through this strategic partnership our investors secure attractive source of returns irrespective of any market conditions.” Added Mr. Menashe.

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