for managers seeking to grow and scale

We aim to identify top quality managers with robust strategies and consistent performance for which to allocate accelerator capital through our First Loss Program.

Selected managers participate in the risk of their portfolio and accept the absorption of first losses.

Falcon focuses on all major asset classes globally and is dedicated to supporting teams that can generate performance in all market environments.

The accelerator capital program is structured through a Cayman domiciled fund vehicle.

Falcon implements a robust risk management framework following a five step policy, focusing on identification, measurement, evaluation, management and monitoring.

Our managers' risk and strategies are periodically assessed. Through application of qualitative and quantitative analysis with traditional and proprietary risk metrics, we evaluate potential factor exposures and stress scenarios.

Our level of involvement with each manager enables full control and allows us to provide an extra layer of unbiased risk oversight.

Investment managers interested in being considered for the program are requested to get in touch using the link below.
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