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Launch and scale faster

Structuring the legal framework for an investment fund, establishing relationships with service providers, and dealing with regulatory and compliance requirements are time consuming and costly. Our platform enables early-stage managers and their investors to accelerate the launch process and streamline the ongoing maintenance of investment funds.


Turnkey fund vehicle Our Cayman fund platform is designed to offer a one-stop solution to launch investment funds in weeks not months. The platform is structured as a Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC), with the aim to launch new sub-funds that benefit from platforms existing infrastructure. The SPC’s directors, compliance officer and risk management team will act on behalf of all sub-funds, providing independent oversight and better operational governance for both managers and investors.


Benefits –  The umbrella fund structure offers a more efficient and faster way to launch an investment fund. With low upfront cost, time to market around 4 weeks, and fully regulated management infrastructure, our platform is a better alternative to launching stand-alone funds. Funds under the platform benefit from existing relationships with tier one banks, prime brokers, audit, legal and fund administration firms.

We support our managers through all phases of growth from inception to scale by providing marketing and distribution support. Our managers operate with full autonomy under their own brand.

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