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Who we are

Dedicated to accelerate innovation

Falcon Investment Management is a London based alternative investment advisor. We are specialised in innovative and niche investment strategies across alternative and digital assets. Our unique operational infrastructure is designed to accelerate innovation in alternative investing through strategic partnership with independent portfolio managers.

A new investing attitude

We bridge the gap between talent and opportunities by building relationships with early-stage managers. Our emphasis on autonomy and independence together with a robust operational platform, enables our partner managers to accelerate growth within an entrepreneurial environment.


Our mission

Our mission is to design highly diversified and innovative investment products through extensive research in emerging talents and supporting the next generation of portfolio managers.


Our philosophy

We believe investment strategies that can adapt to dynamic market conditions with well-defined investment process and discipline in execution are best positioned to succeed over the long-term.


Our approach

We invest in our research, technology and infrastructure to bring together a highly diversified portfolio of investment strategies, asset classes and geographies directed by early-stage managers.

Accelerator platform

We embrace the entrepreneurial drive of our partner managers by supporting them through all phases of growth from inception to scale. The accelerator platform offers infrastructure as a service enabling smaller managers to scale, while maintaining independence and autonomy.

First loss capital

This innovative structure is designed to align interest between investors and managers. Through first loss model, managers receive higher incentive fees in exchange for sharing potential losses with investors resulting a better alignment of interests.

We are partnering with forward thinkers.