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A new investing attitude


Who we are

At Falcon Investment Management we help our clients to meet their investment objectives by allocating capital across emerging talents.


What we do

As one of Europe’s leading specialist in emerging managers and strategies, Falcon partners with early stage portfolio manager and investment teams.


Our strategies

Our approach to select investment strategies and the teams behind them is based on our philosophy of value creation against limited risk exposure.

We build innovative investment portfolios backed by cutting-edge technologies and niche strategies.

Tomorrow's investment management solution

Our blog

Our latest stories and important news

Falcon is launching an arbitrage crypto fund

Below you can see the performance by strategy for last month. Falcon FX fund systematic is up 2.45% , the FX strategy is up 46.18% for 2018 Falcon Event Driven…

admin February 13, 2019

Falcon was granted full-scope UK AIFM licence

Falcon Investment Management Ltd , London-based asset manager, was granted permission to become a full-scope UK AIFM Investment Manager. The move emphasises the…

admin September 27, 2017