July 10, 2023

Falcon Investment Management partners with Arbor Risk Management System to enhance and empower its traditional Asset Fund Partners

Asset Managers using Falcon Investment Management’s platform can now benefit from the Arbor Risk Management System, which allows for live monitoring of positions and dynamic reporting, to assist with investor reporting.

Falcon Investment Management is pleased to announce the implementation of the Arbor Risk Management System for the benefit of portfolio managers on their platform. Falcon Investment Management provides fund managers with access to a legal, regulatory and operational solution to trade both traditional and digital assets.

The Arbor Risk Management System provides an advanced framework for identifying risks across various investment portfolios. By integrating with data sources and leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the system can detect potential risks in real-time and across multiple dimensions. This enhanced risk identification capability allows Falcon Investment Management and their partners to proactively monitor their investments and take timely actions to mitigate potential threats.

 In the fast-paced world of investment management, the ability to effectively manage risks is crucial to success. Falcon Investment Management and their traditional asset teams have found a valuable partner in the form of the Arbor Risk Management System. The cutting-edge platform has revolutionized the way risk is identified, analyzed, and mitigated, enabling financial institutions to make informed decisions and maximize their returns while minimizing potential pitfalls.

 Managers can now benefit from sophisticated risk analysis, integrated reporting and real-time monitoring & alerts - through the use of powerful risk analysis tools for detailed insights into investment portfolio vulnerabilities and exposures. Statistical models, scenario analysis, and stress testing help Falcon Investment Management assess risks and make informed decisions.


About Falcon Investment Management

Since 2015, Falcon has developed and maintained a market leading investment fund platform, partnering with a range of managers in supporting high potential investment strategies. Its umbrella platform provides managers with institutional grade operational infrastructure and gives investors access to high potential investment strategies across both traditional and digital asset classes. Falcon also supports emerging and established managers to start and grow their independent funds through its unique Multi-Manager Programme.

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